Bilberry Edition | 40% . 70cl

Bilberry Edition | 40% . 70cl

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World Gin Awards Silver Medal.

Bilberry gin is claimed to be the most luxurious gin ever made. We pass ever drop through out patented Luxuriating Machine seven times before the elegentation jiggulation process even begins. Prior to bottling, every batch is bottle is passed through the sophistication nipple and tested to make sure it scores 99.9. Finally the liquids are blessed under the guidelines of 5 of the world's best religions. In non independent testing 4 people responded "holy shit! That's luxurious! ​

Bottle size: 70cl ​

Alcohol by volume: 40%



Taste Of The West | 2020 - Gold

World Gin Awards | 2020 - English Flavoured Gin Category - Bronze